Wedding Inspiration

Beautiful and intimate weddings at Bryn Tanat Hall

Searching for a beautiful, intimate wedding? Look no further than Bryn Tanat Hall, a family run wedding venue with a special touch.

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Beautiful Gowns from Forget Me Not

Every Forget-me-not dress is handcrafted by our highly skilled team in the workrooms below our pretty Isle of Wight boutique. A day trip to the Island is far easier than you might expect, being only two hours from London.

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Inspiration Heaven at Sweetness Cake Boutique

Brides are spoilt for choice with the range of cakes from Sweetness Cake Boutique. Based in London this exquisite boutique is dripping with carefully crafted icing. The unparalleled attention to detail makes every cake look too good to eat, from dark chocolate truffle to carrot flavours it’s a surprise anyone can resist these works of art.

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Hot for 2013: Rural-Chic Wedding Inspiration

Rural-luxe is fast becoming a popular wedding theme for 2013, as couples look to achieve a relaxed, understated look for their big day. Think rustic-chic flowers, coral tones and windswept styling brought together to create a free-spirited, nature-inspired effect.

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Incorporating Vintage Elements into your Wedding Dress Design by Emma Hunt

Vintage influences have played a big part in wedding dress design in recent years, with designers looking to eras throughout the 20th century for inspiration. Here, top London wedding dress designer Emma Hunt tells us how to inject the glamour of bygone times into your own wedding style.

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Ellie Sanderson Tells Us What's Hot In Wedding Fashion For 2013!

If you are searching for your perfect wedding dress it can be a little daunting knowing where to start. It's therefore really important to find a good boutique, with expert staff who can walk you through a range of shapes and styles. Here, top bridal retailer Ellie Sanderson walks us through her tips for what's hot in bridal fashion for 2013.

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Last Minute Luxury Weddings - It Can Be Done!

Looking to get married in 2013 but haven't organised much yet?! Don't panic - you don't need years to plan the wedding of your dreams. Here, Lindsay Kinniburgh from the beautiful Alexander House Hotel in Sussex shares her tips for planning your dream wedding in record time!

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Exclusive Interview With Royal Couturier Stewart Parvin

When you think of designer wedding dresses, one of the first names that springs to mind is Stewart Parvin. The master of understated, elegant designs, Stewart's dresses are the ultimate in bridal sophistication - exceptional quality garments that truly flatter the female form.

In this exclusive interview with, Stewart tells us all about his new 2013 collection and offers some essential words of wisdom for brides to be searching for their perfect dress!

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2012 Wedding Inspiration: It's all about GB!

As 2012 comes to a close, we've been looking back at the year that was all about Great Britain! From the Queen's Jubilee celebrations to the success of Team GB at the London Olympics, the capital city made headlines across the globe. It's been a truly fabulous year so we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you some very British ideas for your wedding - here are a just a few ways you can inject some of that London buzz into your wedding day!

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Transform Your Look from Day to Night: Hazaar of London

Earlier in the year we brought you images of the latest designer wedding dresses for 2013, straight from the London catwalks. As part of the series, we introduced hot new label Hazaar of London, whose innovative 'adaptable' dresses really caught our attention.

Founded by London based design duo Isoline Hickman and Rachel Farrimond, Hazaar of London offers a unique take on bridal fashion, with dresses which allow brides to change their look on their wedding day without the need for a second dress.

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Wedding Photofilms - A New Era in Wedding Capture

Whilst planning your wedding you will no doubt hear countless times how quickly the day passes and how important it is to try and savour every moment. It's so true - you spend months, years even, crafting the perfect day and in a flash it's all over. The advantage that today's brides and grooms have is the rise in photojournalism for wedding capture, enabling them to relive the little details of their special day for years to come.

Taking this concept one step further is top reportage wedding photographer Neale James, who has developed a unique method of combining images and sound from the day through his wedding 'Photofilms'.

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Interview With Bridal Headdress Designer Polly Edwards

Bridal headwear has come a long way in recent years and leading the movement is the fabulous Polly Edwards, a true pioneer in headdress design. Gone are the days when a bride’s only option was a traditional tiara. Now the discerning bride has a multitude of glamorous pieces to choose from, from delicate combs, to stunning asymmetric bands and bold statement pieces.

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Elegant, Chic & Unique - Beautiful Bridal Gowns from Rebecca Cella

It's always really exciting when you find a designer who is a bit different; someone who breaks the mould; someone who takes an unusual approach and applies it to a traditional art form. That is exactly what London based designer Rebecca Cella has done with her unique bridal collection. Rebecca doesn't design typical wedding gowns, she doesn't even use typical fabrics. Rebecca makes wedding dresses using bespoke, knitted fabrics, designed by herself and made to order in her London studio.

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Found: The Perfect Bridesmaid Jewellery!

Finding the perfect accessories for your bridesmaids can be harder than you imagine. I know this from first hand experience, having spent many weekends trawling round jewellers to find something that was the right style, colour and size. Your bridesmaids are typically your closest friends and they will be the ones who are there on the day to attend to your every need. It was therefore important to me that not only did my bridesmaids feel happy and confident in their dresses but that they also felt appreciated. I wanted something that complemented their outfits but also had a fashion edge so that they could wear them again after the day and hopefully make them smile by reminding them of our friendship.

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Fabulous Wedding Jewellery to Suit Every Style

Choosing your wedding accessories can be quite a confusing task. Every bride wants the perfect pieces to complement her dream dress, but how do you find them and how do you know that they will be right? In years gone by, brides typically chose a traditional tiara and matching jewellery, but as wedding dress styles have evolved, so have wedding accessories and there are now so many ways brides can express their individuality - from bold, statement headdresses, to relaxed, beach-inspired ranges, your perfect wedding accessories are out there - you just need to find them!

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Eclectic-Mix Jewellery Available to Buy at The Wedding Vine!

Today we are jumping up and down with excitement as we welcome hot new accessory label Eclectic-Mix Accessories to our on-line shop! A unique take on wedding jewellery, the collection includes fabulous necklaces, bracelets & belts, using Swarovski pearls, gorgeous braids and beautiful satin ribbons. Ideal for summer weddings, the pieces are perfect either as bridal accessories or as bridesmaid gifts!

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The Importance of Engagement Shoots - by Cat Hepple

I've never met anyone who says they love bring photographed. For most people having photographs taken is an overwhelming thought and makes them pretty nervous. It's not surprising really, it's hardly a normal situation to find yourself in.

It's very often the grooms who are reticent about the idea, worried they'll be made to look silly, not very keen on seeing images of themselves and usually only agreeing to an engagement shoot to keep their fiancee happy. But this is exactly why an engagement shoot is SO incredibly important.

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Exclusive Wedding Vine Offer at The State of Grace!

Choosing your wedding dress can be a daunting task. With so many designers and styles to choose from, what is supposed to be one of the best shopping experiences of your life can end up becoming a little overwhelming! When you then add in accessories, hair and make-up, how do you know that everything will go together? Enter 'The State of Grace', a new showroom in London's Notting Hill, providing head-to-toe transformations and encouraging women to express themselves for who they are, rather than who they think they should be.

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Sassi Holford - Celebrating 30 years of Exquisite Designs

When Sassi Holford offered to design a friend’s wedding dress 30 years ago, she had no idea that it would be such a defining moment in her life. Just 17 years old, the dress was a success and Sassi started receiving requests from other brides, eager for her to design their gowns as well.

Fast forward 30 years and Sassi is one of Britain’s top designers with a flourishing business, numerous internationally acclaimed collections and a Royal Wedding under her belt.

With the new 2013 collections due to be launched later this month at White Gallery, London, I spoke to the renowned designer about her amazing career to date and what the future holds for Sassi Holford.

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How to find the perfect wedding venue

Your wedding venue determines the style of your wedding or civil partnership so it's no wonder that finding the perfect one for you can be both a daunting and very time-consuming task.

Exclusive Wedding Planner Marine Kerivel-Brown of Boutique Wedding, shares her top tips on how to find the perfect wedding venue. Marine is a valued member of's exclusive 'invitation only' Premier Portfolio.

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