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Peter Herd of Wilmslow

45 Chapel Lane
Telephone: 01625 522567
Supplier Category: Wedding Cakes
Location: Cheshire

About Peter Herd of Wilmslow

Award winning professionals in designing those stunning cakes for those stunning occasions. From existing designs to new creations today your only limit when choosing your cake is your imagination. Whatever your choice we pride ourselves in our ability to be able to produce a quality cake unique in its presentation.

A huge range of cakes are available to suit everyones tastes from the filling to the decoration. We produce bespoke cakes tailor made to your requests. There is a small album available to view in all our retail outlets but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can do!

The combination is explosive and is why as a small family business we remain competitive producing only the highest standard of products that are always Fresh Fresh Fresh !!!

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