Long before your wedding day we will have met you and chatted about the things that are important to you.
Not only to do with your wedding day, but to do with you – the things you love, or hate, or want, don’t want, like, prefer, hope to do,
have to do,
things that connect you to each other.
What makes you tick.

We’ll visit your venues together, and chat about photo possibilities. We can do your pre-wedding portraits there,
or we can go somewhere else, somewhere special or significant for you, maybe somewhere dramatic and unusual.
You’ll see how I work, and you’ll get comfortable in front of the camera, and you’ll enjoy the session,
and be amazed at how unexpectedly good you look.

On your wedding day, we start by photographing you getting ready. It is a lovely part of the day, a good time to settle in,
and after a few moments you’ll hardly notice us.
We can do the boys too if you like, in the pub, on the golf course, or just laughing about.

We photograph as much of the ceremony as we are allowed, discretely and sensitively.

And then to the reception. We will photograph, you, your family and friends, and if you’d like some family groups that’s fine too.
At a suitable moment, we will take you for a walk, away from the bustle, and give you some time and space to be together.
We’ll gently direct you into beautiful light, or towards a lovely background, or let you just be. Together.

Then back to your guests, laughing, congratulating, hugging.

We will produce a collection of photographs that you will love.

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